The Recreation Nova Scotia (RNS) awards were initiated to pay tribute to those exceptional individuals, organizations, facilities and communities who, through their efforts and skills, made outstanding contributions towards the betterment of the recreation movement in Nova Scotia.

The 2022 Awards Ceremony will take place this October in-person! Stay tuned for details. 

Seeking an Awards Selection Committee - Contact Heather Beaton for details, or to apply.

Award Descriptions:

Innovation Award: This Award recognizes an organization, community or individual who has pioneered improved access and /or opportunities through innovative recreation programs, services, events and/or policies. 

Mayflower Community Cooperation Award: This award recognizes the successful cooperation or collaboration of communities and/or municipalities in the development of new programs, policies, services or activities that result in healthier futures through active lifestyles. 

Bluenose Achievement Award: This award recognizes an individual or community group that provides support activities and services that successfully achieves the values and benefits of recreation.

The Natural Environment Award: This award recognizes an organization, community or individual who has created or improved access to nature infrastructure to encourage greater use by all Nova Scotians. 

HIGH FIVE Nova Scotia Champion Award: The HIGH FIVE Nova Scotia Champion Award recognizes outstanding individuals who:

• Support and inspire the implementation and growth of HIGH FIVE
• Fully embrace the HIGH FIVE Framework by incorporating HIGH FIVE Principles, Training, Evaluation Tools and Best Practices into their recreation services and program delivery
• Believe in a holistic approach to quality assurance
• Desire to promote the safety, well-being, and healthy development of children by:
o Supporting their participation in quality sport and recreation programs
o By promoting safe, welcoming environments
o Effectively communicating the HIGH FIVE messages.

HIGH FIVE Nova Scotia Trainer Excellence Award: This award recognizes a Trainer’s sustained commitment to HIGH FIVE training excellence and contribution to HIGH FIVE training development and delivery. Only current and certified trainers in good standing are eligible for HIGH FIVE Trainer Awards. Recipients receive a plaque, dinner for two at the Awards Ceremony and a package of seeds or bulbs.

HIGH FIVE Nova Scotia Achievement Award: Organizations receiving this award uphold HIGH FIVE standard of quality by incorporating HIGH FIVE Principles, Training, Evaluation Tools and Best Practices into their recreation services and program delivery. These Registered HIGH FIVE Organizations strive for excellence in children’s programming. They recognize that the HIGH FIVE Quality Assurance Standard provides the data they need to demonstrate to council and to their customers that their programs are high quality and deserving of support.

Professional Achievement Award: The award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated high achievement and dedication as a current or former recreation professional. Achievements demonstrate professionalism through mentorship, leadership and support while also showing a path of excellence for the next generation of recreation professionals. 

Honorary Life Membership Award: RNS highest award recognizes and individual, paid or volunteer who have made outstanding, significant and consistent contributions to recreation in Nova Scotia for over 20 years, has left full time association with the field, as is someone a community wishes to acknowledge publicly. Contributions may be demonstrated by:

• Leaving an impactful (long term and consistent) legacy
• Serving RNS in leadership capacities
• Being positively recognized by peers and/or community for their work
• Bringing passion to their work. 

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