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Organizations involved in Providing sports and recreation programs to children aged 6 to 12 can become a HIGH FIVE® Registered Organization. By registering with the HIGH FIVE® standard, an organization is declaring that it is committed to ensuring every child in its programs and facilities has a positive sports and recreation experience. You can see the Registered Organizations here to and see the many organizations engaged in the HIGH FIVE® Standard in Nova Scotia. You can also review the organization profile tool below to see if HIGH FIVE® would be a fit for your organization:

One of the many discoveries we’ve learned from working with more than 200 Registered Organizations interested in implementing HIGH FIVE® is the importance of knowing our ideal Registered Organization. This means not only understanding what that organization wants to achieve but having clear expectations on both sides of the relationship. Having this transparency allows the relationship to become more of an open conversation between two parties who have common values and goals.

General Profile of a Registered Organization:

  • Led by a Director or Owner of an organization that directly delivers recreation and sports programs to children aged 6 to 12
  • Believe in the value that HIGH FIVE® can bring to your organization
  • Directly deliver
  • Recognize the value in allocating financial support for the growth of HIGH FIVE® within the organization through training, registration, and implementation
  • Desire to have a standardized way to measure and assess quality within your children’s programs

How Can HIGH FIVE® Support Your Organization:

  • Public recognition for being a leader in the delivery of quality children’s programs
  • Ability to reduce liability and risk
  • Access to scientifically validated resources to assess and measure program quality
  • Ability to generate more funding and access subsidies
  • Assistance to deliver strategic objectives
  • Have a way to assess how your organization compares to others in the delivery of children’s programs
  • The chance to network with like-minded colleagues
  • On-going support

How Your Organizations Can Support HIGH FIVE®:

  • Share in the vision of HIGH FIVE® Standard
  • Value the standard to allocate financial support for HIGH FIVE® training, registration, and implementation
  • Invest time and money upfront to get results
  • Empower your staff to support the implementation of the standard
  • Honour the process and acknowledge that business growth takes time and effort
  • Assist other Registered Organizations
  • Share success stories with others
  • Help in spreading the word that HIGH FIVE® is the “Best Way to Play”

Registered HIGH FIVE® Organizations

HIGHLAND East Recreation Directors Association

HIGHLAND West Recreation Directors Association

FUNDY Region

VALLEY Recreation Coordinators/Directors Association “Kings Hants West”

Valley Recreation Coordinators/ Directors Association “Annapolis Digby”

LUNENBURG-QUEENS Recreation Directors Association

Download: HIGH FIVE® Organization Registration Form

  pdf Organization Registration Form (138 KB)