High Five

Background / History

Recreation Nova Scotia is proud to be the Nova Scotia provider of HIGH FIVE®, Canada’s only Quality Assurance Program for recreation and sport programs for children aged 6-12. HIGH FIVE® provides a range of training, assessment tools and resources to help organizations deliver high quality programs.

The research tells us that the experiences children have in sport and recreation at an early age have a life-long impact. Positive experiences in sport and recreation help children become capable, caring adults who contribute more effectively to the community in the future.

HIGH FIVE® ensures leaders, coaches, and instructors have the tools and knowledge to nurture a child’s mental health and create those positive experiences for children

HIGH FIVE® for Older Adults

Based on the success of of the quality standard for children’s programs and considering that  now peoeple in Canada over the age of 65 outnumber  those under the age of 15, HIGH FIVE® is launching an new standard for older adult recreation. This 3-year project which began in Jan. 2016 builds on the current HIGH FIVE® national industry standard for children, using best practices and systems already in place to customize a standard for the rapidly advancing demographic; older adults. Quality recreation has a significant role to play in keeping older adults healthy and active.

A new Principles of Healthy Aging Workshop for leaders and coaches working with older adults will launch in September. Check back for information about how you can access this training.


For More Information

To learn more about HIGH FIVE® or book a training workshop please call the HIGH FIVE® Nova Scotia Office at 902 425-1128 ext. 3 or email the HIGH FIVE® Coordinator, Debbie Bauld at 

You can also visit HIGH FIVE® for more information or go to the HIGH FIVE® calendar for training in Nova Scotia.