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With over 60 applicants and a total provincial ask of over 300,000.00, RNS is excited to finally announce the 36 recipients who will receive funds from the first Equipment Loan Program Grant to advance their equipment loan project needs, fostering a more inclusive and accessible province for all to play and explore!

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Congratulations to the following:

Annapolis Valley Climbing Club ($3100.00)

  • Expanding on shoe sizes and replacing worn shoes that are needed will help open up the community climbing walls to more community groups and ensure a successful, safe climb.

Cape Breton Regional Library ($2000.00)

  • Addressing the gap in current physical activity equipment for children by introducing new inflatable bounce houses that help promote unstructured play and increase access to recreation options for marginalized people and communities.

Cape Breton Regional Municipality ($7471.21)

  • Expanding on the collection of adaptive equipment that is difficult to find/expensive so that a broader range of people can have access to participate in whichever recreation activities they choose.

Digby Area Recreation Commission ($2904.00)

  • Removing the financial barrier to sports and recreation equipment by providing Skate Aids and kayak stabilizers to encourage community members, regardless of gender, age, abilities, and fitness levels, to try something new and invite family participation.

Findlay Center ($2000.00)

  • Providing roller-skating training aids for participants with mobility and physical limitations in recreation programs so they can participate and enjoy roller-skating in a safe and secure environment.

Glooscap First Nation ($6420.00)

  • Expanding on introducing an equipment loan program emphasizing children and youth by purchasing various types of equipment for sports and movement activities, promoting a healthy, active lifestyle that aligns with the 7- sacred teachings.

Halifax Public Libraries ($7007.00)

  • Introducing a bike lending program, including an electronically accessible bike for improved accessibility and inclusion, to encourage community members to explore biking as a way to increase their physical activity, connect with nature, reduce barriers and build community.

HRM-Parks and Rec ($7500.00)

  • Providing and maintaining equipment offering opportunities for youth and adults to use recreation-based adaptive equipment within the community.

HRM-Rural Areas (Middle Musquodoboit, Sheet Harbour and Musqudoboit Harbour) ($4700.00)

  • Providing rural residents and smaller organizations without the financial capacity and people power access to indoor and outdoor event fixtures and recreation resources such as a cordless sound system with a microphone and various equipment packages so the community can gather, celebrate and play regardless of age group or event.

Lakeview Homeowners Association ($7500.00)

  • Providing equipment to promote outdoor recreation and increase the accessibility of/to water sports without requiring a vehicle while promoting lake access awareness and creating a destination for trail extensions.

Mahone Bay United ($7500.00)

  • Installing an equipment shed with a remote locking system to enable easy yet secure access to the provided free-of-charge equipment for a range of outdoor sports offered at the newly renovated Mahone Bay Community Sports Field.

Municipality of Chester ($4810.00)

  • Partnering with community schools to provide snowshoes for student and after-school programs, individuals and families, and participants in guided Hike NS snowshoe hikes and adventures.

Municipality of Clare ($7500.00)

  • Providing the opportunity for the community to try new recreational activities without the financial commitment, including a new hippocampe that will make beaches and trails more accessible to those with mobility issues.

Municipality of the County of Inverness ( $7000.00)

  • Providing various gear for pickleball, basketball, and tennis, a bike loan program, and a storage area to increase the accessibility to inclusive recreation and unstructured play for residents and tourists to try something new.

Municipality of the District of Argyle ($2000.00)

  • Expand the existing equipment loan program by providing adaptive snow sleds to include more inclusive and adaptive equipment for those with mobility issues. 

Municipality of the District of Barrington ($1876.63)

  • Partnering with Schools Plus at Barrington Municipal High School to focus on international students new to the community by providing them with skates to loan that will also be available to the public

Municipality of the District of Guysbourough ($7500.00)

  • Expand and maintain the existing all seasons equipment loan program to offer more variety of loose equipment for community play boxes at multi-use courts and bigger adapted sport/recreation equipment such as hockey sledges. 

Municipality of the District of Lunenburg ($7500.00)

  • Expand the existing equipment loan program by offering more adaptive and accessible equipment such as hippocampes and accessories, long-reach ergonomic gardening tools, accessible aquatics equipment, and sensory and other outdoor play equipment to build a robust program where all have the opportunity to access equipment and games no matter the ability.

Municipality of the District of St. Mary's ( $7250.00)

  • Enhance and sustain the existing equipment loan program by purchasing new equipment and replacing old and worn equipment, encouraging healthy, active lifestyles, community engagement, and positive mental health with no financial barriers.

Nova Scotia Early Childhood Development Intervention Services ($2000.00)

  • Providing posterior walkers to families during the time-of-service provision and those on the active waitlist will help break down barriers for marginalized populations and become an access point for all populations to have specialized equipment should they need it.

Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library ($1966.50)

  • To expand the existing equipment loan programs at their branches by providing snowshoes and Nordic Walking Poles in a variety of sizes for any age to participate in any season.

Prescott Group ($7500.00)

  • Establish and implement an equipment loan program to improve the accessibility of recreation and sports equipment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Region of Queens ($6862.00)

  • Expand on the existing equipment loan program and inclusion and accessibility initiatives by increasing accessibility of mobility-impaired adults by providing a trike to enhance their well-being.

Ross Creek Centre for the Arts ($7500.00)

  • Maintaining and providing outdoor equipment, such as snowshoes, crampons, sleds, and poles, to both adults and children to experience the opportunity to access trails in the winter in Annapolis Valley while also offering a pickup and dropoff option.

Spencer House ($2503.84)

  • Build capacity to address seniors' needs in the community by offering an eight-week Nordixx Pole Loan Program that will improve safety, build confidence, and encourage socialization to support a healthy, active lifestyle while minimizing barriers for aging adults. 

The Portapique Community Hall ($7500.00)

  • Establish and implement an equipment loan program where access to recreation is very limited to improve the community's well-being by including bikes and bike helmets for families to access at no cost.

Town of Antigonish ($2000.00)

  • Providing no-cost access to outdoor equipment focusing on the winter months through expanding the size offerings of snowshoes to accommodate the needs of more community members.

Town of Kentville ($7500.00)

  • Installation of a storage barn to host all the current equipment that will be fully accessible so that all may have access to recreation equipment regardless of barriers, providing an unstructured, self-directed program they can do at their own pace and where they are most comfortable.

Town of Lunenburg ($4882.70)

  • Expanding on the existing equipment loan program with a focus on providing a variety of equipment, such as equipment for cricket and pickleball games.

Town of Middleton Recreation ($6096.00)

  • Providing designated storage for the robust variety of equipment in the existing equipment loan program to enhance access, accessibility, and organization to recreational equipment. 

Town of Truro ($2000.00)

  • Increase self-directed recreation through acquiring new equipment and replacing old equipment, such as ski poles and skates, and parent and tot equipment to focus on families and preschool-aged children.

Village of Bible Hill ($4403.90)

  • Provide an equipment loan program focusing on sensory and adaptive equipment to provide a more inclusive and accommodating environment for individuals with sensory sensitivities and promote their overall well-being and comfort while physically active.

Village of Kingston ($2000.00)

  • Increasing the variety of equipment to meet the community's requests by providing snowshoes and skis in various sizes at no cost so the community can try something new or enhance and practice skills learned.

Village of New Minas ($2000.00)

  • Reducing the safety concerns in walking by providing walking kits that include walking poles, adjustable shoe grips, headlamps, and reflective vests to increase opportunities and reduce barriers to physical activity

West Hants Regional Municipality ($7478.22)

  • Providing recreational opportunities to those who face barriers such as financial or transportation by bringing equipment to more rural locations and acquiring new equipment such as skates, helmets, and stand-up paddle boards.

Yarmouth Recreation ($7268.00)

  • Hosting a variety of land and water equipment such as lifejackets, paddle boards, both water and land games, and family play kits at Milo Boat Club for easier access to equipment in a more centralized location.


The overwhelming number of responses from this first-time grant shows a need for further work around equipment loan programs, inclusion, and accessibility. Recreation Nova Scotia will advocate for future funding opportunities for the sector, recognizing this overwhelming need.

We hope to support you in future initiatives. Look for future CPRA/RNS funding opportunities by following us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.