NEW: Canada's Food Guide

Today, Health Canada released a new food guide. See link below.

This new food guide speaks to healthy food choices but as well healthy eating/cooking habits and environmental impacts of food choices.

What is relevant to our sector is the section I have included below. There are plenty of initiatives across Canada in the recreation and parks sector that continue to promote health eating options.

Foods and beverages offered in publically funded institutions should align with Canada’s Dietary Guidelines.

To create supportive environments for healthy eating, publicly funded institutions should offer healthier options that align with Guideline 1 and limit the availability of highly processed foods and beverages, such as sugary drinks and confectioneries. Workplaces should take a similar approach by providing access to healthier options. Another way to create supportive environments is to limit the promotion of highly processed products in retail settings such as grocery and convenience stores. These strategies can help promote lifelong healthy eating habits.