This year at our Summit we are offering something new

At the NSFA 2019 Summit we are offering a new program: a full day Smart Alice Intervention Training from Alice House focused on identifying signs of domestic violence. As fitness instructors, we interact with so many people on a very regular basis. With the movement towards better mental health awareness happening all around us, the skills provided by the Alice House are important and valuable, as much or more so than the other skills we offer our members.

What will I get out of this session?

SmartAlice training provides an easy to remember action model to build participant skills in learning to see warning signs, believe the Victim/Survivor, support them with safety planning, and relieve isolation by providing appropriate referrals.


Using an intersectional feminist lens, participants will investigate types of abuse and understand the challenges Victim/Survivors face.

Participants will also learn how to collaboratively assess Victim/Survivor risk and provide support with attention to the scope of their practice so that they feel confident knowing how to begin that difficult conversation.



The Smart Alice Training will be taught by Karen Spurr.

Karen Spurr is the Domestic Violence Educator at Alice House. Aside from research for SmartAlice training design and facilitation, she works directly with Victim/Survivors of domestic violence toward goal setting, system navigation, and court support. She offers consultation on the difficult choices and barriers Victim/Survivors face, and speaks at awareness events to case managers, employers, frontline non-profit workers, realtors, clergy and medical professionals. Karen also speaks with children in schools and on sports teams from elementary to university on the topics of gender based violence and respect in relationships.

If you have questions about this session before your register, please contact our PR and Communications Director at