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Date: Friday, October 08, 2021 11:00 am - 12:15 pm
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Stories of Adaptation and Innovation in Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity and What We Can Learn

Lets get moving

Dear Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity Friends and Colleagues, You are invited to join a fall learning session hosted by Let’s Get Moving-HRM Committee.

Guest Facilitator: Dr. Sarah Moore, Dalhousie School of Health and Human Performance.

Story Makers:

Kudzi Marufu, Pilolo Multicultural Playtime Society 

World Play Day is a project of the Pilolo Multicultural Playtime Society focusing on the importance of play in allowing children to use their creativity and imagination. Kudzi Marufu will share their project key values and the role of World Play Day to honour the rights of children to play, and how they adapted to host this year’s project. 

Tim DuGuay, RunNS and Route541

Tim will share inspiration behind ( When COVID-19 prevented people from getting together to run, Tim and his friends needed help and motivation.  They came up with the idea for, a virtual walking, running and cycling platform to motivate people to keep moving. Tim felt that just because restrictions kept people close to home, it didn’t mean that they shouldn't be able to experience what it would be like to run in other places. Tim and the team launched the first event using an interactive map and the website called 

Lydia Broderick, Town of Kentville Equipment Loan Program

When COVID-19 impacted their programs, the Town of Kentville shifted gears to adapttheir equipment loan program to fit the needs of families, resulting in more awareness and increased accessibility to their program. Lydia will share how their redesign of their program, plus other programs, has provided important lessons going forward. 

Mickie McDow –Halifax Parks and Recreation, Backyard Play and Outside Everyday

With COVID-19 continuing to impact programs in rural areas of HRM, Parks and Rec. staff used some ‘out-of- the-box’ thinking to develop new ways to deliver recreation to families in that rural area of HRM.  Mickie McDow will share lessons learnt, and how summers were reimagined.  

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