Recreation and physical activity programs and services in Nova Scotia have been a component of most municipal units for many years but their forms and functions have varied considerably. Factors like declining population, little economic growth and financial issues are impacting Nova Scotia municipalities and forcing units to undergo some type of transition, shared services, amalgamation or status change.

In 2016, the Communities in Transition Committee was formed to look at ways of supporting municipal units who would experience some type of transition in the near future. The committee was comprised of a staff team from the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage as well as a staff person from Recreation Nova Scotia.

The CIT Committee directed a project to collect information from key representatives from eight municipal units that had undergone some form of major transition or status change in the past five years. Horizons Community Development Associates Inc. were contracted to conduct the interviews, collect the data and compile a final report.

pdf The final report (1.49 MB) describes the interview process and presents and discusses the findings. There is also a list of recommendations.